Top 9 Movies Shot in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the most scenic locales in all of the country. It is easy to find fascinating sights and sounds on every street corner. Plus, many attractions and locations are totally unique to the borough.

It is thanks to all that picturesque scenery that Brooklyn is a popular place for film directors to set up their cameras. The list of movies shot in Brooklyn is extensive. Some of them are all about the borough and its neighborhoods. But other movies shot in Brooklyn do not indicate their local production.

We want to give you a sense of just how much character exists in the borough and its neighborhoods. A list of movies shot if Brooklyn is exactly the thing to do it. If you feel so inclined, take a walking tour, and look for some of the homes, businesses, streets, and parks that show up in the final print of movies shot in Brooklyn.

Classic Movies Shot in Brooklyn

    • Above the Rim – Many consider this one of the classic basketball films of all time. It tells the story of a high school basketball star and the relationship he has with his two brothers. The movie does not take advantage of Brooklyn’s most iconic locales. Filming took place entirely in East Flatbush. Many scenes set in and around Tilden High School.
    • Saturday Night Fever – Ask someone to name movies shot in Brooklyn, and this one is almost certain to be on the list. The story of a who feels bored and confused by his life when he is doing anything except disco dancing has become a classic that is likely to endure the ages. The film takes advantage of a lot of the local flavor present in Bay Ridge.
    • The Warriors – The number of movies shot in Brooklyn that include images of Coney Island could be a list of its own. But the Warriors stands out first for its enduring kitsch appeal. Plus, it creatively captures both the scenery and the culture of the neighborhoods it’s set in. colorfully-costumed gangs did not rule the night. But a distinctive and competitive feel to each neighborhood did exist that the film captures outstandingly.
    • Dog Day Afternoon – Much of this film centers around a single piece of Brooklyn real estate – The Brooklyn Savings Bank in Brooklyn Heights – but it is one of the most beloved movies shot in Brooklyn. Al Pacinos’s portrayal of a morally conflicted bank robber is one of the all-time great performances.

Newer Movies Shot in Brooklyn

    • Kazam – This Shaqueil O’Neil kids comedy from 1996 is not likely to enter the pantheon of all-time great films. But seeing the giant of a man dressed up as a genie still produces a chuckle. The movie relies on Brooklyn for its combination of urban and industrial settings. But Sunset Park is where all of the filming took place.
    • Crooklyn – As the title would suggest, this Spike Lee film is heavily steeped in the people and places of Brooklyn. The focus is specifically on the Bedford- Stuyvesant area. There could be a list of movies shot in Brooklyn that is dedicated entirely to Spike Lee. Most of the iconic director’s best-known films in the borough.
    • The Angriest Man in Brooklyn – This film is mostly remembered as the final film from the great Robin Williams. And while it may not be his best film, it does offer a whirlwind tour of Brooklyn.
    • Brooklyn’s Finest – The members of the NYPD who patrol the streets of Brooklyn are the heroes of this 2009 film from director Antoine Fuqua. Like many movies shot in Brooklyn, the cameras seems to soak up culture and character anytime it heads outdoors. Brownsville is the location where most of the filming happened.

TV Shows Set in Brooklyn

  • The Honeymooners – The list of TV shows shot in Brooklyn is just a long if not longer than the list of movies shot in Brooklyn. This classic TV show is set in Bensonhurst. Even though it only ran for one full season, viewers continue to watch and love it today. The Cosby Show is another example on the small screen. Production based in Brooklyn Heights. The well-loved PBS show Ghostwritter was filmed in Fort Green. Lastly, Carroll Gardens is where the production of Moonlight took place.

You do not need to be a director to love the way Brooklyn looks and feels. You just need to love history, arts, culture, and a sense of excitement. If your goal is to move upgrade to a better place in Brooklyn, you have lots of options to consider. Rely on the resources of Brooklyn MLS to help you find the ideal place in a fraction of the time.