6 of the Most Popular Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Brooklyn real estate is hot right now all over the borough. No matter what neighborhoods you gravitate towards, you can expect to find exciting businesses popping up, interesting housing options coming on the market and a spirit of excitement in the air. But at any given time there are some neighborhoods that are hotter than others, and that is especially true considering how trendy and in-demand Brooklyn real estate has become. These are the 6 most popular neighborhoods right now.

Park Slope

Park Slope is located in Northwest Brooklyn and is considered one of the nicest neighborhoods in the borough. The Brooklyn real estate here is notable for the number of historic brownstones, as well as some truly impressive new construction. The prices in Park Slope can be on the high-end, but residents are surrounded by some of the most appealing amenities in all of NYC. Prospect Park is nearby, and a number of cafes, boutiques, and farmer’s markets give Park Slope a character all its own. This neighborhood has recently become popular with young families looking for a place to settle down and grow roots.

Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is considered by many to be a small town in the midst of a big city. That description is accurate, and the neighborhood truly does feel distinct from anywhere else in the borough. Many of the residents have been born and raised in Bay Ridge, and the location at the south edge of Brooklyn right next to the harbor helps the neighborhood to feel somewhat separate from the hustle and bustle of the city. This diverse community has a large population of residents with Irish and Italian backgrounds, which is reflected in many of the bars and restaurants that have become staples in Bay Ridge. The commute into Manhattan takes about 40 minutes, which is longer than some other places but also helps keep the Brooklyn real estate in Bay Ridge affordable.


Williamsburg is one of the cultural capitals of NYC. The neighborhood is packed with art galleries, concert venues, and community spaces that encourage creative types to commune, collaborate, and celebrate their passions. The Brooklyn real estate available in the neighborhood ranges from luxurious new condos to affordable walk ups. What many residents come to love is how self-contained the neighborhood is. Many people discover that their new favorite bar, restaurant, coffee shop, and boutique are right around the corner from where they choose to live.


Greenpoint is becoming one of the most popular places to search for Brooklyn real estate thanks to its laid-back vibe and accessible home prices. It is located in the northernmost part of Brooklyn, which means it’s further from Manhattan but still has a lot of its original charm. Housing options range from converted warehouses to more traditional walk-ups and row houses. The demographics include both multi-generational residents and young people eager to take advantage of the still largely untapped potential of Greenpoint. It is the kind of neighborhood where you find something exciting and unexpected around every corner.

Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill is a neighborhood in Northwest Brooklyn that has been growing in popularity in recent years thanks to its affordable prices and friendly feel. Many consider this to be a neighborhood in transition, which means that the best of the past is beginning to blend with new looks, styles, and ideas in exciting ways. The Pratt Institute is the most notable piece of Brooklyn real estate in the area, and it helps to give Clinton Hill a creative and youthful vibe without branding this part of Brooklyn as a party Mecca.


Bushwick might be the single most exciting collection of Brooklyn real estate right now. This neighborhood has traditionally had something of a rough-and-tumble blue-collar feel, which has helped to keep home prices low. But for that same reason, artists and young people have been flocking to the neighborhood, creating an exciting juxtaposition of the old and the cutting edge. Living in Bushwick is still affordable even as some luxury flourishes have crept in. And since this neighborhood is right in the center of the borough, the best of Brooklyn is easily accessible.

Since these are the 6 most popular Brooklyn neighborhoods right now, prices are going up and demand for available houses is accelerating rapidly. That means if you want to take advantage of the vibrant spirit and palpable excitement that permeates each of these neighborhoods, you need to act fast.

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