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Unpopular Popular Hipster Bars in Brooklyn to Check Out

Brooklyn's population consists of plenty of hipsters, and we all know hipsters love bars. But just anyone finds the most popular hipster bars with a simple search here and there. Only the most dedicated patrons find the hot spots that haven't heated up yet, the soon to be top locales that sit at the bottom of the rung today. No one wants to go to the places that everyone else already knows about. Thus, finding the spots that do not own the popularity of other watering holes yet, but will…


5 Best Hangout Spots as Seen on HBO’s Girls

The HBO series "Girls" is one a few television shows that gives outsiders a view of what life is like in New York City. Although other shows have showcased areas like Manhattan and Queens, Girls focuses on Brooklyn. The show delves into what life is like on a limited income in the borough. And although it's just a TV series, it features many real locations. Here's a closer look at some of those places. 1. Cafe Grumpy At the beginning of the series, Hannah (played by Lena Dunham)gets a job…


Brooklyn Born & Bred: 5 Celebrities From Brooklyn

Brooklyn Born Celebrities Brooklyn has reached its height of popularity in recent years. Its real estate market is booming, its residents are young, and the arts scene is hip. Evidently, this borough has it all and more. Home of Coney Island, people from all over the City head south to Brighton Beach for summertime fun. Also, the brownstone-lined streets blossom in the spring and turn bright red and orange in the fall. It's easy to see why Brooklynites say their borough is the best in New York. Another thing Brooklyn…