Fort Hamilton Real Estate

Fort Hamilton Real Estate is part of the Brooklyn neighborhood in New York. It was originally developed as a fort for the army. It remains as the only active military post in New York City. Today, it’s a prime area for real estate.

Fort Hamilton Real Estate Statistics

As of December 15, 2015, the median sales price for a home in Fort Hamilton Real Estate was $699.000. However, many homes in the area are much cheaper than this ranging in the $200,000s range. Over the past year, homes in this area increased by a value of $54,000. The average listing price was $1,090,326 as of December 16, 2015. The area is part of the New York City Public School system. Several private options are close to the area as well.

Fort Hamilton Real Estate Demographics

Most of the individuals in the area are white females. A majority of individuals in the area do not have children living with them who are under the age of 18, making it a prime location for singles and couples who enjoy the city without the commotion of screaming and playing. The median income for a household was s $32,135 as of 2015.

Why Move to Fort Hamilton Real Estate

Seniors can enjoy an area designated for them, Fort Hamilton Senior Recreation Center. They have the ability to play games and socialize with people similar in age and possibly interests. The area is huge for the military. The Harbor Defense Museum at Fort Hamilton is the only military museum in NYC. This is one of the more well-preserved parts of the fort. The museum educates visitors regarding the significance of the fort the NY’s history. It has a collection of military artifacts that date back to the Revolutionary War. While others are from other times throughout history including up to World War I. The architecture of the fort will wow you and so will the weapons, uniforms and other artifacts. Owl’s Head Park is another location in Fort Hamilton Real Estate. You’ll be able to enjoy a long walk around a body of water. During the summer, you can enjoy picnicking while wintertime turns the park into a sledding arena. The surroundings are absolutely gorgeous with stunning views of the NY skyline, and the entire park is well maintained. It’s dog-friendly and has a spray pool, a skate park, a playground and basketball courts.

For those with medical conditions, the region is loaded with doctors. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat in Fort Hamilton Real Estate as well such as at Fort Hamilton Bagels & Deli and St Anthony’s Bakery.