Gerritsen Beach Real Estate

Gerritsen Beach Real Estate

Find Gerritsen Beach Real EstateThe secluded peninsular neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach in southern Brooklyn is one of the borough’s best-kept secrets. From its beginnings as a resort community, Gerritsen Beach has offered many amenities to its prospective residents. Homebuyers looking to purchase a home within Gerritsen Beach will benefit from the neighborhood’s quiet residential atmosphere, its tight-knit and family-oriented community and its easy access to the beach for water activities.

Gerritsen Beach Real Estate

Residential development    in Gerritsen Beach began in the 1920s when a real estate developer began building bungalows for a summer report on the peninsula. Many of these bungalows still remain on 40 feet by 45 feet lots in the neighborhood’s older section, while two-story brick houses are commonly set on 34 foot by 52 foot in the newer northern section of Gerritsen Beach; some of the waterfront lots are larger at 24 feet by 70 feet and feature private boat slips. Gerritsen Beach primarily consists of single-family residences, but Gerritsen Avenue does have some two-family homes with a few co-op apartment buildings located at the neighborhood’s northern border. As of 2016, the median value for Gerritsen Beach real estate stood at $475,000.

Quiet Residential Atmosphere

As a primarily residential community, all commercial activity in Gerritsen Beach is limited to a small strip along Gerritsen Avenue. This size of the neighborhood’s commercial district combined with its lack of major roads helps to establish Gerritsen Beach as a quiet and tranquil area for those looking to escape from the noise of the city.To find the best Gerritsen Beach real estate search our open  Brooklyn real estate listings.

Tight-Knit Family-Oriented Community

Gerritsen Beach has a well-earned reputation of being a friendly neighborhood with a close-knit community of friends and family. During the summer, this family-oriented atmosphere is displayed through the neighborhood’s frequent street fairs and block parties that drawn large crowds of local families.

Easy Beach Access with Plenty of Water Activities

Thanks to the neighborhood’s location along the Plumb Beach Channel, Gerritsen Beach’s residents have easy access to sun, sand, and swimming on the public Plumb Beach at the southern end of the neighborhood. A neighborhood property owners’ association helps maintain the beach, ensuring that residents can enjoy a pristine environment every summer. Residents also benefit from open access to the Plumb Beach Channel for recreational activities including boating and fishing.