Gravesend Real Estate

A metropolitan of boroughs, communities, and charming districts New York City is, at its essence, a city of neighborhoods. No area of town displays these characteristics so much as the Gravesend real estate market in Brooklyn. One of the original towns formed in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, the Gravesend neighborhood is steeped in rich traditions and an eclectic housing stock. This makes the Gravesend real estate market an excellent place to house hunt whether that search is for a multimillion-dollar mansion or a modestly priced one-family house. Great amenities, a strong sense of community, superior schools, and awesome housing options are at the heart of what makes this neighborhood so popular.

Gravesend Real Estate – Fun Things to Do and Great Places to See

Situated in the south of Brooklyn’s vast expanse of neighborhoods, the Gravesend real estate market is known for its close proximity to a myriad of amenities lying on the border, as it does, with the world famous attractions of Coney Island, which is a mere short bus or train ride away. Additionally, the neighborhood is peppered with small parks hosting handball and tennis courts, as well as paved baseball diamonds. For history buffs, Old Gravesend Cemetery dates back to the seventeenth century and is located on Village Road South. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Old Gravesend Cemetery is the final resting place of many of the community’s original founders. The Big Apple in general, and the neighborhood comprising Gravesend real estate in particular, is a nexus for cultural and artistic activities throughout the region.

Gravesend Real Estate – A Neighborhood of Ethnicities and History

With such a long and storied history, numerous nationalities and cultures have called the Gravesend real estate area home during the centuries of its existence. What was once farmland transitioned into the German district, which in turn gave way to large-scale Italian immigration and settlement during the first quarter of the 20th-century. Indeed, Italian culture still reverberates throughout the neighborhood with such places as Joe’s of Avenue U, which serves up Sicilian fare to neighborhood residents. Today, the neighborhood hosts a sizable Sephardic community that has worked to transform this section of neighborhood to include palatial style houses with elaborately well tended hedges and porches. That being said, to the west of this district are row after row of single and double family homes, which are frequently constructed of brick and supporting large comfortable houses.

Great Schools and Community Based Neighborhoods

A neighborhood of families, Gravesend real estate is well represented with an array of public educational institutions that rate high in student performance and educational standards of both the state and city. With five public elementary schools, three middle schools, and John Dewey High School offer an array of educational opportunities regardless of part of town the student hails from. Additionally, a number of parochial schools within the district serve a myriad of families looking at all their children’s educational opportunities within the Gravesend real estate area.