Greenpoint Real Estate

Greenpoint Real Estate

The Greenpoint neighborhood lies in the northern part of Brooklyn. With roughly 34,719 residents calling Greenpoint home, this neighborhood has been seeing a gradual gentrification process in recent years. This process has been bringing in new residents, who settle in alongside Polish families who have been in the area for generations. Those who live here can also find newer businesses and amenities mixed in with ones that have been around for decades.

Types of Homes in Greenpoint

Greenpoint Real Estate properties come in a few different types, including row houses, condos and apartment buildings. Row houses in this neighborhood can be found in historic brownstone and brick-front styles, adding to the charm of the area’s quaint streets. These row houses are similar in style to single-family homes, although they share walls with houses on either side. Greenpoint also features former warehouses that have been turned into loft-style apartments for those who prefer a home with a more industrial appearance. Modern condos, some featuring luxurious amenities, are also found in some parts of the neighborhood.

Home Sizes in the Greenpoint Real Estate Market

The majority of homes in the Greenpoint Real Estate market come with one or two bedrooms, which is suitable for artists or professionals who live alone or with a roommate. Those who need something bigger can find row houses and apartments with more than two bedrooms, although finding homes with more than four or five bedrooms is rare.

Older vs. Newer Homes in Greenpoint

Older row houses make up a large portion of the Greenpoint Real Estate market, although a few areas have single-family homes and small apartment buildings. Most of the homes in this neighborhood were built in the early 20th century, but new developments have been going up in the past few years. For example, brand new condominium buildings can be found along the waterfront as part of the area’s revitalization project. Some older homes have also been fixed up over the years. While these properties retain their vintage appeal on the outside, they’ve been updated with new interior features and more modern conveniences.

Locations in Greenpoint to Consider

Greenpoint’s proximity to high-ranked schools, such as PS 31 Samuel F. DuPont and PS 34 Oliver H. Perry, make it a great location for families to call home. Residents who work in Manhattan or Queens can enjoy easy access to these locations by settling in the southwestern part of Greenpoint. The neighborhood’s western border lies along the East River, providing residents here with excellent views of the Manhattan skyline. The southern border offers residents a chance to walk over to McCarren Park, while the southeastern part of the neighborhood provides quick ways to reach other areas of Brooklyn, including Ridgewood and Bedford-Stuyvesant.